In terms of engines, the cylinder heads themselves are the caps of the cylinder block of the engine or simply the cylinder cover. This element constitutes a system located in the upper part of the engines of internal combustion vehicles. In particular, they allow the passage to the chambers where the combustion process is kept closed.

The cylinder heads are composed of aluminum or cast iron and are attached to the engine by means of a gasket and screws; In this regard it is necessary to know that this system should allow the rapid cooling of the area where they are located.

engine head function

Basically the engine head is an element that allows the cylinders of the engine to be sealed before combustion in order to avoid losing the compression. Also according to the type of combustion material, be it gasoline or diesel; They can work to support the spark plugs, the camshaft, the cooling water pipes, the intake valve and the exhaust.

These covers are very subject to the engine so that the sealing process is very strong; For this, the cylinder head gaskets are used, which must be composed of flexible materials with high heat resistance.

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The specialists remind you to be alert to any signal that your car emits as a symptom of needing to rectify the cylinder head. For example, one of the classic warnings that indicate a possible repair is the appearance of white smoke in a constant way in the emissions of the exhaust, this situation occurs because in the cylinder head there has been a rupture that allowed the passage of water in the moment of combustion.

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