The Review is performed according to the specifications of the Car Maintenance Book. We have databases of all manufacturers.

These databases indicate the interventions to be carried out:

  • Oil change (oil according to manufacturers’ standards).
  • Changes to be made (filters, spark plugs, timing belt, refrigerant gas).
  • Electronic diagnosis
  • Controls: Indicates the moments of change of safety and wear parts.

The maintenance plans also foresee specific periods in terms of air conditioning, replacement of the timing belt, particle filters and automatic gearboxes.

  • Air conditioning program.
  • Distribution belts.
  • Particulate filter
  • Automatic gearboxes

For an optimal operation of your vehicle, the Revision is carried out according to the specifications of the maintenance book of your car.

Do you know that you are free to decide the workshop that deals with the maintenance of your vehicle, from the first day, without losing the OFFICIAL guarantee of the manufacturer?

This is stipulated in European Commission Regulation No. 461/2010, which effectively reinforces free competition in the market for car maintenance in all countries of the European Union. This text provides two important advances in favor of the consumer:

  • Guarantees the free choice of the car workshop in regards to vehicle maintenance. Even when the car is within the warranty period
  • It obliges the manufacturers to provide the professionals involved in the repair of automobiles with all the characteristics of the vehicles, the suppliers and the parts necessary for the repair.

With the Revision we can seal the maintenance book of your car, thus restoring your freedom, with total security.

Multibrand Electronic Diagnostics

Most vehicles manufactured from the year 2000, include an electronic box that improves its performance, while ensuring safety and comfort during your driving.

A simple electronic failure can result in the immobilization of your vehicle. For this reason, we carry out an electronic diagnosis in each revision (reading of the computer self-diagnosis codes).

Our center has multi-brand electronic diagnostic tools that allow us to perform the maintenance of any vehicle. El Chopo workshop is synonymous with experience.

The Review is a guarantee of quality work done by professional experts.

Why pay more if we can do it?

Our teams carry out with great care any operation that is recommended in the manufacturer’s specifications. We perform the revision of your car exactly as your manufacturer would.

Free and immediate budget: we advise you personally on the changes and controls that your vehicle needs so that you know in advance the cost of the operation. When you leave your car, you know exactly how much the revision will cost you.

Transparency: We promise that the invoice and budget coincide completely.

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