The shock absorbers are one of the many safety elements of your vehicle. They maintain the contact of the wheel to the road, in this way they provide your vehicle with greater grip, thus contributing to your safety and comfort at the wheel.

The shock absorbers are not visible, which makes them more difficult to control. The driver can get used to the gradual wear of their shock absorbers and compensate for this loss of efficiency by gradually changing their driving style, often without realizing it.

In addition, shock absorbers in bad conditions accelerate the wear of other parts of the vehicle: suspension springs, universal joints, differential, tires, etc …

A used shock absorber produces a significant change in the stability of your car: greater braking distance, aquaplaning, displacement in case of wind or when crossing with a truck …

It is advisable to check them at approximately 50,000 km and, thereafter, every 20,000 km. Stop by Taller El Chopo and our specialists will inform you of your status and when you should change them.

If you notice that your vehicle has lost stability, come to our center. Our specialists will offer you:

  • A review and diagnosis of the shock absorbers as well as the other safety elements, such as tires and brakes.
  • An offer in shock absorbers adapted to your needs, if necessary the change.
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