A correct alignment of the 4 wheels avoids car breakdowns ensures optimal performance and the best performance of your vehicle. In addition, it favors adherence, road safety, performance and fuel savings, thus reducing the CO2 emissions of the car.

With the alignment, the original geometrical conditions of the wheels are restored by means of high-precision measurements and adjustments. Correct alignment provides directional stability to the vehicle, prevents car breakdowns and lengthens the life of tires and tires.

In addition, to contribute to reduce CO2 emissions. We recommend checking the alignment at least once a year and every time you buy new tires. It is also convenient to bring the vehicle to our mechanics workshops when:

  • – Abnormal tire wear is noted.
  • – The tire has recently received a strong impact, such as against a curb or bump.
  • – The adherence of the wheels to the road is decreasing.

At Taller El Chopo, one of our qualified technicians can check the alignment of your vehicle and adjust the dimensions of geometry according to the specifications of its manufacturer. Because a good alignment gives you greater safety on the road and lengthens the life of the wheels and tires.

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