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Mercedes – Benz X250D 4MATIC:

  • It combines the typical properties of a pickup with the virtues of an authentic Mercedes-Benz.
  • An imposing bearing, both outside the asphalt and in the urban jungle.
  • Class X expands the boundaries of the classic pickup world. While embodying it in all its fullness. The X-Class opens new paths as an urban and elegant vehicle for the family. However, it remains essentially a robust, functional and suitable for all terrain pickup, capable of fully satisfying the demands of all users.
  • Robust on the outside, comfortable on the inside.
  • On days when the weather does not accompany, the X-Class receives its passengers with the typical Mercedes-Benz comfort.
  • Maximum driving pleasure.
  • Benefits that excite.
  • Price: € 37,010.46
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